In Session One, our heroes meet and carry some boxes, then freak out that they didn't meet in a bar and go get drinks (and some loot from some drunk guys, one of which was killed by a roundhouse kick to the sternum). Then during the retreat festival, the team sneaked back to the city, only to witness a skeletal army and a dark Necromancer stormed the empty city, and killed a sudden caravan from some NCR wannabees who were bringing meat, some crowns, and two carts to Mercathia to arrange an alliance. Once the army left, the team threw some loot around, borrowed the two carts, and followed the scary dudes East. After giving some pilgrims some advice, the pals headed further east, stopped at a town, learned that the Necromancer had came through THERE too, and picked up a dwarf cleric who has awesome attributes but does pretty much jack shit. So then they head east to the tunnel that heads into Bethian. And the useless dwarf falco punched a guard out.

8 hours, two kills.