Gruumsh is the patron deity of orcs, and the namesake of the half-orc fighter of the same name.

Gruumsh is a large orc with two large, underbit tusks and dark hair. He wears heavy armor and carries a battle axe, usually hefting a huge circular shield over his shoulders and a belt full of throwing axes.

Gruumsh talks in a heavy Italian accent and uses a lot of odd orcish words in common conversation to illustrate a point.

The orc was a bandit in a group who roamed the desert robbing caravans, until the team made the mistake of robbing a group of adventurers. The delvers immediately defeated the highwaymen, with Gruumsh fleeing into the desert and ending up as a mercenary in the dwarven city.

The orc ended up as a temple guard while the party was summoning The Messenger of Fire in the Temple of Thor, and ended up in the service of Somnia.