Exicalflowne was a mage in the regime of The Empress during The Great Cataclysm, and is argued to be one of the greatest magi ever born. Originally a necromancer and ally to The Electrum Swordsman, the then nameless mage trained the teenage Empress in the ways of the art. When he was near thirty years old, Exicalflowne came in possesion of The Tome of Fistandus and The Dragon Bone Staff, tempting him to delve into the nature of life and death itself. In his studies of The Tome of Fistandus, Exicalflowne was forced to unearth the dark magic of The Monkey Fist to read the planar language of the Planar Sailors. By accomplishing this, it was rumored that Exicalflowne unlocked the secret to immortality. After The Empress rose to power, the mage became deeply reclusive, spending his days in study, immersed in his tomes.

It is believed Exicalflowne was killed during The Great Cataclysm.