Dominick Dane was a squire of Bethia, in service originally to the crusader William, but after leaving Mercathia he became the apparent leader of the team that set out to hunt down "The Necromancer". He is a hunter by trade, able to make bows, arrows, and leather gear on the fly. However, for reasons unknown, Dane also has the ability to appraise and cut gemstones.

Interestingly, to those who grew up in Mercathia, Dane was never seen prior to about 6 years ago, when he mysteriously appeared in service to the Bethian church.

Dane has a dark disposition, not talking to most and perfering to let his more charismatic companions handle social encounters. However, within the team, Dane takes charge in tactical situations and is a more efficient killer than some. Dane is a dipsomaniac, and has a serious alcoholic problem. Early in the campaign, Dane killed a man in a bar by kicking him in the sternum while intoxicated.

Dane serves as a mapper and book keeper for the party.

After Somnia and The Professor framed him for the murder of a guard in a military encampment, Dane was attacked and presumably killed while resisting arrest, his notes and bow falling into the hands of his slayers.