In a time long ago, there was a great empire that rose with impressive speed, astounding it's neighbors and amassing a large military power, ruled by a singular figure with near deific power who became known as The Empress. After a long and prosperous rule, a single element in the Bethian Empire changed, causing a dark force to destroy the Empress as well as the members of her regime. The capital city fell, it's massive walls barely remaining standing after the great cataclysm. The remaining members of the Bethian Military diffused across the land, and former-generals fought against each other as warlords sprung across the shell of the nation.

That was 500 years ago.

Now independent fiefs have been established across the land. Roving knights compete for the glory of their own land, and trade siphons between the fiefs, but besides that rarely do the towns communicate. A group calling themselves the New Ertron Republic has begun banding together fiefs in the West, while the Spinal Mountains surrounding the former capital continue to expand in the east. To the north, fiefs are constantly at war with gnomish armies and insidious devices, while no word reaches the rest of the former nation from the south.

Wear do you fit in this twisted, insidious world where dark beings lie in slumber, deep within the Ruins?